Maja Hodošček: We Need a Title

artist: Maja Hodošček
title: We Need a Title
year: 2018
media: HD video, 28′

Hodošček made the video in collaboration with six members of a school debate club (Gymnasium Celje – Center). For several months the members participated in a sort of parallel curricula initiated by the artist. The departure point of the debate was the legacy and potentiality of the Non-Aligned Movement (First NAM conference in Belgrade, 1961). Pupils engaged themselves into a thought process where they reflected upon the idea of the third politics today, new forms of communism and their own role within family, institutional and social structure. The artist however was interested in the transitional moment from the act of speaking to a moment of collective being and working together. The video therefore documents a process of writing a collective poem that expresses their mutual concerns. However, the moment of being and doing things together is a complicated process, since individual voices have to be in sync with the overall interest of the group. The video exposes moments of mutual effort of creation, disagreement or points of negotiation and affirmation.

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