Maja Kalafatić, Dimitrije Kokanov in Venelin Shurelov
Show Me Heaven, performance
13. 11., Gallery of Contemporary Art

Show me Heaven
The Dinamics of Space Trilogy – Pendulum, 2016-2018

The project is based on a study of the liminal space and the dynamics that occurs there.
We are interested in how to create dynamics in transient, peripheral or neglected spaces. The project also deals with the issue of the edge in terms of space, how the egde can be moved, exceeded, manipulated, as well we deal with the dynamics of time. The problem is studied in three separate spheres, which, through their interaction, conduct the composition of the performance. These three areas define the personal actions of each author in the field of artistic practice: the expression of a contemporary dance vocabulary, the articulation of visual and subject dynamics, and the field of linguistic and written texts. We investigate the limitation of these three fields and their cross-sections.

concept, idea: Maja Kalafatić, Dimitrije Kokanov, Venelin Shurelov
realisation: Maja Kalafatić, Dimitrije Kokanov, Venelin Shurelov/Nina Pertot Weis
text and dramaturgy: Dimitrije Kokanov
choreography: Maja Kalafatić
scenography: Venelin Shurelov
photography: Nada Žgank
camera and video editing: Matej Kalafatić
production: Muzeum Ljubljana
co-production: City Museum of Ljubljana – MGML

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