Andreja Džakušič: Save the Future (1)!

artist: Andreja Džakušič
Save the Future (1)!
year: 2013
media: intervention in the public space, installation
technique: poster, bottle fi 7 cm, height 20 cm, glass fi 5 cm, height 12 cm, tabletop advertisement 8 x 12 cm

Intermedia project Save the Future (1)! examines environmental problems within local and global context. It especially focuses on the issue of drinking water and water as such. The project inhabits the public space and it functions as a commercial for bottled water Savinja. The artist used the form of bilboards and newspaper adds and distributed bottled water Savinja to local bars in Celje city center. The aim of the project is to point to the importance of clean water by opening up questions such as the quality of water in city watercourses, the actual price of water within bottled water, and to what extent water is taken for granted.

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