Simon Macuh: Walks for Awareness

artist: Simon Macuh
title: Walks for Awareness
year: 2015
media: workshop on sensory mapping in K9, Kare 9, Celje, 9. 9. 2015
technique: photo documentation

Artist’s statement

Walks for Awareness is an activity that promotes the observation of the area and the relations between the elements in it, paying particular attention to social areas. Informal meetings already began to take in place in the spring of 2014, at which we were developing a relationship to the environment through collective action. We walked around the city and in nature, developing the exercises. The most successful exercise proved to be when a sighted person guides a blindfolded person, taking them on an aural and haptic walk. Such a walk was also performed in Kare 9. The sensory mapping workshop was an exercise for the individual to become aware of where he is and who he is with. The paths of movement were drawn on the map of the area.

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